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Checklist: Clean Up Your Web Trail

How to find where your personal information is located online. by John Hazard The World Wide Web turns 18 years old this August. In that time, it has amassed billions of pages of information from millions of Web sites—many of which probably mention your name, your business and your associations. Whether you’re an avid user […]

These Companies Are Hiring: January 2009!

by MARC CENEDELLA I know the business section of the newspaper can be awfully depressing these days, folks. But the honest truth is that even in a recession, companies are looking for great leaders and professionals to help them grow and profit in promising areas of their business. Why, in just the past 30 days, […]

Six-Figure Job Hunt 101

From MARC CENEDELLA Get their brand new $100K+ Job Hunt 101 Guide. (See the link in the Resource Box below.) TheLadders, Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Rothenberg, has collected the best writing and the best advice on making a job hunt effective and successful. There are tips on self-evaluation, “packaging” yourself, resume writing (and the even more important […]

Recessionary Salary Questions by Jack Chapman

by Jack Chapman How much should I ask for? Can I still negotiate if I’m desperate to take a job? How do I know if I’m overpaid or underpaid? How can I hold out for higher pay when there’s someone waiting in the hallway who’ll work for lower pay? […and they’re just as qualified as […]

It’s critical to keep current

We all know the importance of keeping current on trends in our own industry. But the well-rounded individual – someone who has the confidence to speak about subjects outside of their comfort zone – is the one who stands out in an interview. What arena do I recommend job seekers devote themselves? Technology. It’s the […]

This isn’t the only job in the world

Remind yourself that there are still millions of open positions right this minute and even more opportunities that you can create for yourself with the right attitude and stand-out career marketing communications. Kirsten Dixson and William Arruda Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand You’ll find Kirsten Dixson and William Arruda at TheLadders – […]

Remember to Smile

Don’t be so nervous in interviews you forget to smile. The best natural cure for nervousness is preparation and the confidence that comes from having a compelling, quantified track record that demonstrates your potential. Another great cure for nervousness is to share your personality and passion for the job. Remember, employers want to hire people […]

Continue to Network With the Hiring Authority

When a job seeker is passed over for another candidate, they often feel that this signals the end of the relationship with the hiring manager. But the reality is that many employers continue to keep track of their “silver and bronze medalists” and will consider them for future positions within the company. If you don’t […]

Location! Location! Location!

In real estate it’s all about “Location! Location! Location!” If you had to choose the key to job search success it is “Follow-up!” It’s not enough in today’s highly competitive environment to be the most qualified candidate. The winning candidate has the best strategy to gain access to the appropriate hiring decision maker, and command […]

Research Your Interviewers

You might discover that they have written articles or were interviewed for a major trade publication. You might also find that you have similar personal interests and hobbies. In the interview, mention that you read their article or enjoy the same activities, and you’ll certainly score a few brownie points. Don Straits Search Strategies for […]

Focus on your expertise

Remember, by trying to be something to everyone, you end up being nothing to anyone. Focus on your expertise. Employers need to be confident that you are absolutely the right choice to help them excel over their competition. They need to know that you will not have a learning curve at their expense. Prove that […]

Competition Continues To grow Tighter

Competition continues to grow tighter for baby boomer employees in executive ranks. There are more candidates as the post-war generation ages and moves up the career ladder, but the number of executive positions is static. The result? Boomers are forced to be more aggressive, better prepared, and more innovative in employment styles. Alesia Benedict You’ll […]