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Volunteer Work: The Ultimate Interview

by Barbara Safani If you think doing volunteer work is just “filler to pad the resume” while you are looking for a “real job,” then think again. It can make or break you during a job search. Pro bono work can include anything from nonprofit projects to community service and even religious or alumni events. […]

Continue to Network With the Hiring Authority

When a job seeker is passed over for another candidate, they often feel that this signals the end of the relationship with the hiring manager. But the reality is that many employers continue to keep track of their “silver and bronze medalists” and will consider them for future positions within the company. If you don’t […]

Don’t Discuss Compensation Too Early

It’s in the candidate’s best interest not to discuss compensation until there is an offer on the table. You need to first get the employer to love you and feel that they’ve got to have you. Once you’ve accomplished this, you will be in a much better position to negotiate your employment package. If asked […]

Create a job search business card

Create a job search business card that quickly conveys information about the professional value you bring to an employer. Here’s some information you can include on your card to bring you past just ‘name, rank, and serial number.’ Build a web resume and add the url to your card. Include a link to your Ladders […]

Where’s Your 15 Minutes of Fame?

Recruiters frequently search for candidates online before contacting them. To compete for jobs successfully in the 21st century, it’s vital to have your “15 minutes of fame” in the form of at least three relevant pages on Google. Many candidates have no or few online mentions, but it’s never too late to start building your […]

Build visibility at professional development meetings

Show up to events early so you can meet the speaker. It’s easier to build rapport before the presentation when there are less people vying for the speaker’s attention. Follow-up with a quick email or card thanking the speaker for spending time with you prior to the presentation. Ask a question during the Q&A portion […]

Engage in Social Networking

[CAN YOU LAND A $100,000+ JOB?] “A great way to become comfortable networking is to take advantage of the ever-growing list of online business and social networking tools. For introverts, this approach can be a great place to start a networking campaign. The beauty of the online world is that you can think about what […]

Be Persistent (and TaxMama’s Tips about being persistent)

[play TheLadders new TV commercial. You’ll ‘Love’ it!] The key to a successful networking follow up campaign is to be persistent without the other party knowing it. If you call a networking contact and leave a message, your follow up strategy should be to call every day at different times without leaving additional messages. You […]

Paste, Don’t Attach

[play TheLadders new TV commercial. You’ll ‘Love’ it!] Cut and paste a version of your cover letter and resume in the body of the email you send to recruiters, even if they ask for an attached Word document. Recruiters receive dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes for each open position. It takes time to double click […]

Thinking of lying on your resume?

“Don’t do it! It will only hurt you in the end and the punishment will either come in the form of a lost interview opportunity or worse—a lost job and a damaged reputation. Everyone has accomplishments that are powerful enough to convey their value-add to an employer. You just need to put in the time […]

Don’t Clutter Your Pitch

“Think of your personal pitch as if it were a PowerPoint presentation: don’t clutter the slides with too much info. Just offer the key points—your professional identity, three core competencies with measurable proof, a quick overview of your professional and educational background, and the reason why you are interested in a particular job opportunity or […]