Location! Location! Location!

In real estate it’s all about “Location! Location! Location!” If you had to choose the key to job search success it is “Follow-up!” It’s not enough in today’s highly competitive environment to be the most qualified candidate. The winning candidate has the best strategy to gain access to the appropriate hiring decision maker, and command their attention with a compelling potential value contribution that will undeniably increase their bottom line and establishes themselves top of mind for when the employer is ready to make an offer. If you don’t stay in focus on their radar screen you are allowing a less qualified individual to get that opportunity you want and you deserve.

After an initial positive connection, even if there is no immediate position available within the organization, stay in touch on a regular basis so there is never any doubt that you continue to be interested in them. Then as a result of your savvy purposeful networking, you may unearth a new unadvertised challenge in the hidden job market, an opportunity created just for you and your talents, skills, background and career goals.

Debra Feldman
The Job Whiz

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