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Stop Looking for a Job

The best way to get a job is to connect with people outside of your need for a job. by Darrell Gurney “The best way to get a job is to not look for one.” Does that idea sound crazy? It’s true, and I’ve shared it with my clients for years. That doesn’t mean sit […]

Continue to Network With the Hiring Authority

When a job seeker is passed over for another candidate, they often feel that this signals the end of the relationship with the hiring manager. But the reality is that many employers continue to keep track of their “silver and bronze medalists” and will consider them for future positions within the company. If you don’t […]

Grab the decision maker’s attention

Grab the decision maker’s attention by describing success stories that express your credentials tailored to the employer’s perspective. Keep in touch and stay on the hiring manager’s radar. Remember, organizations are dynamic and change continuously, which impacts staffing requirements. When the timing is right, it’s not just what you know, but who knows what you […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 463 – Exceptional People

https://www.peacecorps.gov Volunteer projects and enter 688-261 in the keyword seach box. Can you just imagine someone around here coming along and building schools and fixing bridges for $20,000? Our government construction project costs are so overinflated, with costs so mismanaged, that it’s a wonder our city, state and federal goverments are solvent at all. Or […]