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Recessionary Salary Questions by Jack Chapman

by Jack Chapman How much should I ask for? Can I still negotiate if I’m desperate to take a job? How do I know if I’m overpaid or underpaid? How can I hold out for higher pay when there’s someone waiting in the hallway who’ll work for lower pay? […and they’re just as qualified as […]

What if they find out my current earnings are low?

They know you had low prior earnings? It could cost you the job or leave you open for a lowball offer. Your strategy to neutralize this is: early in the interview, say, “It’s too early for substantive talk about salary, but I think you’ll agree that I’m lower than other candidates, right? Well, I know […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 469 – Beijing Olympics and TSA Device

Dear Family, The Beijing Olympics starts today! 08-08-08 – if you turn it sideways, did you notice that you have three infinity symbols? To infinity and beyond! Generally Olympic frenzy is high right before each set of Olympic Games. Are you seeing that same kind of passion among the fans? For some reason, I am […]

You Must Work From Home

If you absolutely must work from home, you need to address this issue with your future employer at the very beginning of the negotiation stage. Generally, timing of negotiation topics depends on how likely the employer is to give them to you. And since working from home is a deal-breaker, you want to get it […]

Take a Gamble on Yourself

Be Willing To Bank on Your Skills I once coached a candidate who was being interviewed by a start-up, not-for-profit organization. She received an offer of $85K, but she was already earning $105K. Based on what she’d heard in the interviewing process, she knew it probably wouldn’t be possible to negotiate a higher salary off […]

Three Course Negotiations

[play TheLadders new TV commercial. You’ll ‘Love’ it!] “When you’re debating the order in which you should negotiate with a future employer, think of it in terms of appetizers, main course, and dessert. Appetizers are things your employer can easily say yes to. Then onto the ‘meat and potatoes’ your base, bonus, commission, and any […]