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Checklist: Clean Up Your Web Trail

How to find where your personal information is located online. by John Hazard The World Wide Web turns 18 years old this August. In that time, it has amassed billions of pages of information from millions of Web sites—many of which probably mention your name, your business and your associations. Whether you’re an avid user […]

Be smart with email

Be smart with email. Some email providers or ISPs have such rigid spam filters that a recruiter’s email inquiry may get blocked. If you’re using an email provider that requires the sender to verify his/her message before it is delivered, you’re running a risky job search because recruiters just won’t go through the trouble. There […]

Where’s Your 15 Minutes of Fame?

Recruiters frequently search for candidates online before contacting them. To compete for jobs successfully in the 21st century, it’s vital to have your “15 minutes of fame” in the form of at least three relevant pages on Google. Many candidates have no or few online mentions, but it’s never too late to start building your […]

Don’t conduct a passive job search

[CAN YOU LAND A $100,000+ JOB?] “Treat your job search as any other marketing campaign and take your case directly to the ‘buyers’ (the employers). Network, submit directly to companies, and maintain contact with recruiters. Be proactive! Don’t wait for the phone to ring.” Alesia Benedict You’ll find Alesia Benedict at TheLadders – where you […]

Make Things Easy For Recruiters

[play TheLadders new TV commercial. You’ll ‘Love’ it!] “Don’t make it difficult for recruiters to find your resume. If you are emailing to follow up on a job opportunity, attach your resume and cover letter to the email. Chances are, the recruiter will open the resume and, even if you weren’t originally considered for the […]

Paste, Don’t Attach

[play TheLadders new TV commercial. You’ll ‘Love’ it!] Cut and paste a version of your cover letter and resume in the body of the email you send to recruiters, even if they ask for an attached Word document. Recruiters receive dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes for each open position. It takes time to double click […]

Optimize Your Social Network Profiles

More and more, hiring managers are scouring social networks to find the ideal candidates to fill open positions. To be found online by recruiters and hiring managers, you must ensure that every word connects back to your thought leadership and area of expertise. Go back to your LinkedIn profile (and other social networking site profiles) […]

Stand Out

“Don’t save your resume with a generic document title such as resume.doc. Label your documents ‘last name, first name, resume’ to make it easier for the recruiter to file and retrieve your resume.” Barbara Safani Career Solvers You’ll find Barbara Safani at TheLadders – where you can Search 1,521 New $100k+ Jobs This Week! https://go.asktaxmama.com/Ladders […]

Make Sure Your Resume is Seen

Bold your name and include a title or other identifying brand information that will showcase your expertise immediately and place it on the top-center or top-right of every page. This way, if your resume is placed in a file folder with several others, your name will pop out as the recruiter flips through the folder.” […]

Focus on the present

“Focus on the present. While it is certainly acceptable to have a two-page resume, don’t list every single job you’ve ever held. Recruiters and hiring managers are most interested in your experience within the last 10 years, so focus on your most recent and most relevant career experience.” Peter Newfield Career-Resumes Contact Peter for Resume […]

Test your e-mails!

“Before you send an email to a potential employer, recruiter, or networking contact, send the message to yourself. Check for errors (everything has to be perfect!) and open any and all attachments to make sure they’re properly formatted. When you’re ready to send the message to your contact, be sure that you have a copy […]

After You Send Your Resume – Do What?

By Alesia Benedict “Do you think that once you’ve sent your resume to a recruiter you’ve done all you can do? Think again! Following up and building a rapport is critical in today’s job search. Remember, the ‘squeaky wheel’ gets the oil. While you don’t want to be a nuisance, you do need to ‘squeak’ […]