These Companies Are Hiring: January 2009!


I know the business section of the newspaper can be awfully depressing these days, folks. But the honest truth is that even in a recession, companies are looking for great leaders and professionals to help them grow and profit in promising areas of their business.

Why, in just the past 30 days, we have had 108 new companies sign up with to find great $100K+ talent like you. For example, these six companies alone have posted over 600 jobs with us this week!:

Schering Plough
British Petroleum
Booz Allen

Kinetic Concepts

We have a staff of almost 50 people dedicated to calling the nation’s employers to find you your next great job. And it’s not just any job that we accept… as we mention in our TV commercials, we are only interested in the big, $100K+ jobs.

Well, we promise to keep hunting for the best jobs for you, Readers, and please make sure you do your part: search our 50,000 jobs live on the site, get your resume re-written, and contact recruiters in your field today!

Happy hunting!
Warmest Regards,

Marc Cenedella
Founder & CEO, Inc.

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