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Checklist: Clean Up Your Web Trail

How to find where your personal information is located online. by John Hazard The World Wide Web turns 18 years old this August. In that time, it has amassed billions of pages of information from millions of Web sites—many of which probably mention your name, your business and your associations. Whether you’re an avid user […]

Create a job search business card

Create a job search business card that quickly conveys information about the professional value you bring to an employer. Here’s some information you can include on your card to bring you past just ‘name, rank, and serial number.’ Build a web resume and add the url to your card. Include a link to your Ladders […]

Optimize Your Social Network Profiles

More and more, hiring managers are scouring social networks to find the ideal candidates to fill open positions. To be found online by recruiters and hiring managers, you must ensure that every word connects back to your thought leadership and area of expertise. Go back to your LinkedIn profile (and other social networking site profiles) […]