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Won a Prize

Today TaxMama hears from Jed in Missouri, who says. “I won a trip. Due to health issues, I never booked or took the trip. The voucher has since expired. Now the IRS says I owe tax on the value of the trip. Is this correct?”

This isn’t the only job in the world

Remind yourself that there are still millions of open positions right this minute and even more opportunities that you can create for yourself with the right attitude and stand-out career marketing communications. Kirsten Dixson and William Arruda Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand You’ll find Kirsten Dixson and William Arruda at TheLadders – […]

Optimize Your Social Network Profiles

More and more, hiring managers are scouring social networks to find the ideal candidates to fill open positions. To be found online by recruiters and hiring managers, you must ensure that every word connects back to your thought leadership and area of expertise. Go back to your LinkedIn profile (and other social networking site profiles) […]

Stay on Top of Changes in Your Online Identity

To stay on top of changes in your online identity, set up Google News Alerts for all versions of your name. That way, you will get an email notification every time someone writes something about you online. In a job search, your Google results are becoming just as important as your resume and cover letter. […]