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Track your accomplishments

Employers want to see what you have achieved, and they want to see quantitative (not just qualitative) evidence that you have made a difference. Start keeping records of your achievements and how they have impacted the bottom line. Alesia Benedict Get Interviews You’ll find Alesia Benedict at TheLadders – where you can Search 1,577 new […]

Competition Continues To grow Tighter

Competition continues to grow tighter for baby boomer employees in executive ranks. There are more candidates as the post-war generation ages and moves up the career ladder, but the number of executive positions is static. The result? Boomers are forced to be more aggressive, better prepared, and more innovative in employment styles. Alesia Benedict You’ll […]

Don’t conduct a passive job search

[CAN YOU LAND A $100,000+ JOB?] “Treat your job search as any other marketing campaign and take your case directly to the ‘buyers’ (the employers). Network, submit directly to companies, and maintain contact with recruiters. Be proactive! Don’t wait for the phone to ring.” Alesia Benedict You’ll find Alesia Benedict at TheLadders – where you […]

Talent is not enough

[play TheLadders new TV commercial. You’ll ‘Love’ it!] You need the drive to leverage that talent, the wisdom to recognize opportunities, and the guts to take a risky step in order to succeed. Nothing worthwhile can ever be accomplished without overcoming doubts and fears first. Treat your job search the same way. Overcome your fears, […]

How Big is Your Network?

“Think you have a small network? Don’t look to only your friends and family when preparing to network—consider vendors, professional contacts, your doctor, service providers with whom you deal, parents of your children’s schoolmates, people at the gym, everyone and anyone. Constantly work your network to keep it warm. It’s much more difficult to warm […]

Attack Your Job Search Like an Executive

“You are an executive, so attack your job search like one! Have a plan and a timeline. Approach your job search as you would any other project: gather your team, prepare your materials, and execute the plan. Be ready to switch gears if opportunity arises or roadblocks appear.” Alesia Benedict You’ll find Alesia Benedict at […]

Spell check the old fashioned way

Do it yourself! Spell check software doesn’t catch words that are spelled correctly but misused. Print out your documents and read out loud, one word at a time. A proofreader’s tip: read the document backwards.” Alesia Benedict TheLadders.com Resume Services You’ll find Alesia at TheLadders – where you can Search 1,255 New $100k+ Jobs This […]

Focus on what you do best

“Advertise your specialty. Employers are looking for specialists with specific experience solving the problems they currently face. So don’t try to be everything to everyone in your resume, which could confuse your reader. Focus on what you do best.” Alesia Benedict Get Interviews Contact Alesia for Resume Advice! Ask TaxMama :: Where taxes are fun […]

Excessively Effusive?

This Week’s Advice: “Are you overdoing it with adjectives and modifiers in your resume? A resume with too many adjectives, especially entire strings of them, is worse than a resume with little or no description. Double check that you have no more than two adjectives together in a sentence and be sure to remove sentences […]

Don’t List Everything

Quote: “Don’t hurry, don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers.” – Walter C. Hagen Tip: “You don’t need to list everything! The date of a degree or work history that is older than 15 years can date you and put you in danger of […]

After You Send Your Resume – Do What?

By Alesia Benedict “Do you think that once you’ve sent your resume to a recruiter you’ve done all you can do? Think again! Following up and building a rapport is critical in today’s job search. Remember, the ‘squeaky wheel’ gets the oil. While you don’t want to be a nuisance, you do need to ‘squeak’ […]