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Engage in Social Networking

[CAN YOU LAND A $100,000+ JOB?] “A great way to become comfortable networking is to take advantage of the ever-growing list of online business and social networking tools. For introverts, this approach can be a great place to start a networking campaign. The beauty of the online world is that you can think about what […]

Optimize Your Social Network Profiles

More and more, hiring managers are scouring social networks to find the ideal candidates to fill open positions. To be found online by recruiters and hiring managers, you must ensure that every word connects back to your thought leadership and area of expertise. Go back to your LinkedIn profile (and other social networking site profiles) […]

Separate but Unequal

Today TaxMama hears from Mark in MA, with this question: “My tax software suggested filing married separate to save money. Can I use all the itemized deductions with one return, and the dependants on the other? It seemed to work on the software with no alerts.https://www.seehowcan.com/wp-content/languages/new/write-my-essay-for-me.html ”

Attack Your Job Search Like an Executive

“You are an executive, so attack your job search like one! Have a plan and a timeline. Approach your job search as you would any other project: gather your team, prepare your materials, and execute the plan. Be ready to switch gears if opportunity arises or roadblocks appear.” Alesia Benedict You’ll find Alesia Benedict at […]

Tax Credit for Fuel Cell Vehicles

IRS Explains How Manufacturers, Purchasers Can Take Advantage of Tax Credit for Fuel Cell Vehicles WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today issued a notice providing procedures for vehicle manufacturers to certify that a fuel cell vehicle meets the requirements for a tax credit. It also provides guidance to taxpayers who purchase certified vehicles regarding […]

QuickBooks 2008 – Update – additional Resources

NEWS FLASH! QuickBooks releases useful customization tips compiled from feedback Intuit’s received from experienced QuickBooks customers. Here are three customization videos on YouTube that you could use as well. Basic Customization Additional Customization I Additional Customization II ——-   Ah yes, just what the world needs – another edition of QuickBooks. Sigh. You know how […]

Spell check the old fashioned way

Do it yourself! Spell check software doesn’t catch words that are spelled correctly but misused. Print out your documents and read out loud, one word at a time. A proofreader’s tip: read the document backwards.” Alesia Benedict TheLadders.com Resume Services You’ll find Alesia at TheLadders – where you can Search 1,255 New $100k+ Jobs This […]

IRS Offers New Online Help Tools for 2008 Tax Filers

Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service IR-2008-14 Listen In: Audio Interview on New IRS.gov Tools (Mp3 file) WASHINGTON — Things have gotten easier for taxpayers who need help preparing their federal returns this year. The IRS has enhanced both Publication 17 and Where’s My Refund?, two key electronic tools available on this Web site, IRS.gov, […]

IRS Publication 17 Now Easier To Navigate Online

Courtesy of IRS TT-2008-11 Are you facing a lot of different tax questions this year? IRS experts have pulled together an overview of common tax issues in one convenient place — Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax. This updated publication, available on the IRS Web site, IRS.gov, contains a vast array of helpful information for […]

Make Sure Your Resume is Seen

Bold your name and include a title or other identifying brand information that will showcase your expertise immediately and place it on the top-center or top-right of every page. This way, if your resume is placed in a file folder with several others, your name will pop out as the recruiter flips through the folder.” […]