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Be Polite to Everyone

In an interview situation, remember you are constantly being evaluated by all with whom you come into contact. Be polite to everyone from the security guard to the receptionist, and do not do anything out of the ordinary or unprofessional. In 2002, a friend in New York City had interviewed a potential attorney and was […]

Make Things Easy For Recruiters

[play TheLadders new TV commercial. You’ll ‘Love’ it!] “Don’t make it difficult for recruiters to find your resume. If you are emailing to follow up on a job opportunity, attach your resume and cover letter to the email. Chances are, the recruiter will open the resume and, even if you weren’t originally considered for the […]

Deduct Job Search Expenses

This Week’s Advice: “Did you know your job search expenses from resume preparation to phone charges are deductible? However, there are a few qualifications that you must meet. First, your search must be within the same occupation. Next, there cannot be a substantial break between ending your last job and looking for a new one. […]

Always “sign” your cover letter

“Always ‘sign’ your cover letter even if you’re sending it via email. Put your signature line in a different font and use bold and italics to visually separate it from the rest of the letter. It adds a personal touch to the letter, and it shows you’re cognizant of general correspondence etiquette.” Kimberly Schneiderman City […]

Make Sure Your Resume is Seen

Bold your name and include a title or other identifying brand information that will showcase your expertise immediately and place it on the top-center or top-right of every page. This way, if your resume is placed in a file folder with several others, your name will pop out as the recruiter flips through the folder.” […]