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SB 924: The Bill That Ended Physical Therapy Benefits For CA Seniors

This is a plea from Chris Reed, who is asking for your help. Family, Friends, Current and Former Patients,   Many of you know that I have become heavily involved in the politics of my profession. I am writing to ask your help. We are fighting for our profession right now. I have attached a letter […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 562 – Tax Holidays and More

Dear Family, This has been an interesting week. I got to do some political lobbying and met a passionate woman. Rebecca Madigan gave up a perfectly good job to pursue the cause of small business-owners, affiliate marketers, generally, folks who work from home. Rebecca started the Peformance Marketing Association (PMA) to help set standards for […]

Build visibility at professional development meetings

Show up to events early so you can meet the speaker. It’s easier to build rapport before the presentation when there are less people vying for the speaker’s attention. Follow-up with a quick email or card thanking the speaker for spending time with you prior to the presentation. Ask a question during the Q&A portion […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 428 – Columbus Day Weekend

Dear Family, Tax season countdown – 10 days. Monday is Columbus Day, so don’t expect to be mailing anything to anyone via the USPS. Do you ever have one of those days? Does everyone else have days like that, too, that day? Yesterday was an odd day like that. A friend called and said she […]

Tax Bankruptcies

From: Everywhere – we had about 10 questions about tax bankruptcies, this week alone. Who knows, perhaps this article re-surfaced Dear TaxMama, Is it true that you really can get rid of your taxes through bankruptcy? What is a tax bankruptcy and how can I get one? Signed… everyone. Dear Family, About three years ago, […]