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Ask Taxmama Issue 441 – 2008 Darwin Awards

Dear Family, Did you know that this week is Universal Letter Writing Week? The Crayola site has some cute activities for children to do. https://www.crayola.com/calendar/detail.cfm?event_id=224&year=2008 The presidential primaries will be the focus of much of your radio and television news features. If you don’t want to listen to all the fluff, or don’t have the […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 440 – Gifts for 2008

Dear Family, Welcome to 2008. Already, this looks to be a good, solid, upbeat year. People are optimistic and energetic – at least the ones who’ve returned to work. Some lucky folks are still on vacation until next Monday. Good for you. For those of you here right now, we’ve got lots of gifts for […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 437 – Mortgage Relief

Ask Taxmama Issue 436 – New Mileage Rates

Dear Family, First of all, Happy Birthday to Barbara and Lulu! We’ll get together soon…after I return home. Great news IRS just released the new standard mileage rates for 2008 – and we’re up to 50,5 cents! Considering that we spent $64.00 to fill the tank yesterday, that really warms the cockles of my car’s […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 435 – Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Family, Well Happy Thanksgiving! You’re getting this week’s issue early, because most people won’t be working Friday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Really, THANK YOU. Spending the year with you is a treat. The Internet is not a cold place filled with strangers when there are folks like you in it. […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 434 – Warm Fuzzies

Dear Family, This week included National Teddy Bear Day. https://www.taxquips.com/index.php?cat=Tradition! Several years ago, my brother sent our mom a Vermont Teddy bear for her birthday. It was quite a hit, all dressed up to look like a grandmother and with a little book, coming in it’s own home. (Don’t tear the boxes apart. Look at […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 433 – For Our Tax Veterans

Dear Family, This weekend is the Veterans Day Weekend holiday. What do you traditionally do to celebrate? Will you be doing anything special this weekend? Tell us about it. https://www.taxquips.com/index.php?cat=Tradition! For Baby Boomers, growing up, the veterans were men and women who had completed their service in honored wars. They were in demand, got top […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 432 – From the Peanut Gallery

Dear Family, Happy Peanut Butter Lovers Month. When was the last time you enjoyed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Lots of schools around the country ban nuts from campus due to the morbid danger for those who are deathly allergic to peanuts and nuts. Speaking of deadly food, my history teacher in high school […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 431 – Frightful Weekend

Dear Family, You can’t turn the news on anywhere without seeing constant reports of the California Wildfires. The Los Angeles Times has built a Google Map of the fires, you can check anytime. https://www.snurl.com/ca_wildfires I can’t ever remember a Santa Ana season (the hot winds) when sooooooooooo many people have been evacuated from their homes. […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 430 – Passing On – With Joy

Dear Family, Well, at long last, tax season is over. And coming up next month, there no tax deadlines you need worry about. Hooray! It’s also the end of a life. Last night, Storey Bonner Cordell closed his eyes for the last time. He’s off to join his wife. All week long, his friends visited […]