Ask Taxmama Issue 433 – For Our Tax Veterans

Dear Family,

This weekend is the Veterans Day Weekend holiday.
What do you traditionally do to celebrate?
Will you be doing anything special this weekend?
Tell us about it.!

For Baby Boomers, growing up, the veterans were men and
women who had completed their service in honored wars.
They were in demand, got top jobs and great respect.

For the generation born in the 70s and afterwards,

veterans were from the Vietnam, Asia and Slavic areas.
A war America protested and resented. Those veterans didn’t
come home to ticker tape parades. Or jobs. Or respect. So,
they are often depicted as drunk or drugged, disreputable
and the disregarded and discarded dregs of humanity.
(Sadly, a favorite depiction by film-makers. Most veterans

are nothing like that.)

And for the generations born since the two Presidents
Bush have been in office, the veterans are from the gulf.
They didn’t come back victorious and rejoicing either.
And these days, many are there on extended duty, often

long beyond the date their Reserve Duty should have
ended. And what are they coming back to?

Homelessness. A news report just this week reported that
veterans make up one fourth of all the homeless. And those
homeless include young people who’ve just served in the Gulf.

Many of these people are homeless because they’ve come back
to America with no marketable job skills. They need training.

The Veterans Affairs Department is being called upon to do
more, and to provide housing and services.

But what about you? What can you do? If you have job openings,
consider going out of your way to find and hire a veteran.
Did you know that you can even get a tax credit for that?

Yes, there’s a Work Opportunity Credit that would give you

up to $2,400 for hiring a Vet.
(Form 5884 )

Actually, you can get even more money from your state.
For instance WA offers you up to $4,800.

Moving from war veterans to tax veterans, there were
some interesting discussions in this week’s TaxQuips.
We learn how an S Corp should be deducting auto expenses,
about married couples living in different states, education

commuting, and how an employee can deduct mileage.

Today’s Money Funnies is a pun. You’ve been warned.
I’ll say no more.

IRS News contains good news and bad news. The bad news
is that IRS and your state has employer tax fraud task
forces who will be sharing information about employment
and payroll fraud. H.R. 3970 will be voted on TODAY to

increase the standard deduction and deductible child tax
credit, reduce the impact of the alternative minimum tax
(AMT) and perhaps repeal it for the average taxpayer.
And more good news – electronic filing is taking over.
with nearly 3/4 of all taxpayers participating.

That’s it for now!

Have an untaxing, reflective weekend!

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.




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