Ask Taxmama Issue 430 – Passing On – With Joy

Dear Family,

Well, at long last, tax season is over. And coming up

next month, there no tax deadlines you need worry about.

It’s also the end of a life.

Last night, Storey Bonner Cordell closed his eyes for the last time.

He’s off to join his wife.

All week long, his friends visited him. The last morning someone
came by to play guitar, varous blondes came by to give him hugs,
his home teacher with a prayer, and his son, to say a final good-bye.

This is a man who defied all medical wisdom and outlived his doctors’
6-month prognosis… by over 40 years. (Those doctors are probably
dead by now.) He quietly changed the world and living conditions
and quality of life for handicapped people – in his town, in the

USA, in the Olympics and perhaps, even, a bit of the outside world.

Rick and I will stay here in Paradise for the next week or two to
help settle things and help the friends get through this transition.

In this week’s TaxQuips, there’s lots of interesting discussion,

about earned income credits. home improvements, energy credits,
and more. Your comments make it all the more exciting!

Our Money Funnies is about various versions and forms of Murphy’s Law.
Sometimes. as in the past week, you can really appreciate the sentiments.

IRS News has some sobering warnings about various Trust Arrangements Sold
As Welfare Benefit Fundsto businesses. Read it and understand what to avoid.

This week’s Job Advice suggests you be prepared in case of a background check

Now that you have time to think, please sign up for the Last-Minute Workshops!
They’ll help you get ready for next tax season.

OK, time to face the flood of friends, and deal with the tide of death-ly bureaucracy.

Have an untaxing, loving week!

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.


10.31.2007 3rd Quarter Payroll Taxes Due
10.31.2007 3rd Quarter Sales Taxes Due


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