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Fiscal Cliff Legislation – The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

Today TaxMama® hears from Spidell Publishing Inc. at www.caltax.com  with the latest news on the fiscal cliff legislation.

Ask TaxMama Issue 613 President Obama Speaks

   Dear Family,  During our class last night, a couple of major things went on in the world. A big chunk of Southern California and San Diego lost electricity. The nuclear power plant at San Onofre was shut down (safely). Meanwhile a student in Texas tells me she just managed to get back into her […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 562 – Tax Holidays and More

Dear Family, This has been an interesting week. I got to do some political lobbying and met a passionate woman. Rebecca Madigan gave up a perfectly good job to pursue the cause of small business-owners, affiliate marketers, generally, folks who work from home. Rebecca started the Peformance Marketing Association (PMA) to help set standards for […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 431 – Frightful Weekend

Dear Family, You can’t turn the news on anywhere without seeing constant reports of the California Wildfires. The Los Angeles Times has built a Google Map of the fires, you can check anytime. https://www.snurl.com/ca_wildfires I can’t ever remember a Santa Ana season (the hot winds) when sooooooooooo many people have been evacuated from their homes. […]