Ask Taxmama Issue 441 – 2008 Darwin Awards

Dear Family,

Did you know that this week is Universal Letter Writing Week?

The Crayola site has some cute activities for children to do.

The presidential primaries will be the focus of much
of your radio and television news features. If you
don’t want to listen to all the fluff, or don’t have

the patience to watch all the posturing, the Internet
is a great place to help you get to the heart of the
information and to really find out more about the
candidates and their issues.

Read all about the Buying of the President – and their

fundraising activities and sources – the spoils of
winning the presidential wars and the history of the role
of money in the elections.

Moving on to more fun stuff, today’s Money Funny is the

actual, honest to goodness, 2008 Darwin Awards.
This is the real McCoy, not just the stuff working its
way around the Internet. And you’ll find a link to the
Darwin Awards site, so you can subscribe to their newsletter
and vote on your favorite imbeciles.

Speaking of brilliant ideas, this week’s job advice is
titled “I want to gain 10 pounds and start smoking”

TaxQuips this week opens up questions about Health Savings

Accounts, family housing payment arrangements, emergency tips,
worldwide income and divorce. Be sure to read folks’ comments.
There’s some fascinating information provided.

This week, we have lots of IRS News. You’re going to learn

which is the best form to use for your tax return, how to
select a tax preparer from IRS’s perspective, and learn that
you just may be eligigle to file online for free. No kidding!

You’ll also find links to some new IRS resources and forms.

As always, we love your feedback, opinions and ideas.
You are what makes all this fun – and intersting!

Please use the Comments link online.

We’re back on a weekly schedule with
This week, you will January’s To Do’s.
Next week, look for the annual online filing article.

Also, you’ll find TaxMama in the AAA South magazine,
this Sunday’s Daily News (San Fernando Valley), Massage
Magazine, More Magazine, and so many more that I don’t
even remember who I called me this week.

Have an untaxing, joyful and 2008.

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.


01.02.2008 File Form 2290 – Heavy Highway Vehicles

01.15.2008 4th Estimated Payment Due

Farmers and fishermen. Estimated tax for 2006 Due

01.15.2008 Employers Make Monthly Payroll tax deposit

01.31.2008 Furnish W-2s/1099/1098s to recipients

01.31.2008 File Quarterly/Annual Payroll/Sales Tax Returns

01.31.2008 Individuals – Filing personal return and pay all taxes Without Penalty if January 15, 2008 estimated payment missed NEW



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