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Ask Taxmama Issue 418 – TaxMama Surveys You

Dear Family, If you’re reading our daily TaxQuips, you know that this week, we started a survey to learn what you’d like TaxMama.com to be for you. Many of you have already answered and provided some excellent ideas – this we really can arrange to provide for you. But, do you know what I forgot […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 417 – Lucky Friday the 13th

Dear Family, Another fast week. Did you blink – and it’s Friday? OK, you blinked – and I moved TaxQuips.com to a different server. The move went so seamlessly and smoothly that you never even saw it happen. (Only, if you posted any comments or notes after about 1:00 pm PDT yesterday, let me know […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 416 – Lucky 777

Dear Family, Are you invited to a wedding today? You’re not! How can that be. So many people are trying to get married on the lucky 777 day that the Assocation for Wedding Professionals International has put up a map with venues that are still available. Perhaps those couples will hit the jackpot with this […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 415 – 4th of July

Dear Family, This year, we have an odd 4th of July. It comes in the middle of the week. Some companies, I suppose are giving people time off for a long weekend this week. Others, perhaps are taking the holiday next week. Of course, most government offices will only be closed on the 4th, smack […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 414 – Summer is Here

Dear Family, Ah, what a very busy week. Time flies when you’ve got so much to fill it. It’s my mother’s birthday this weekend and we’re taking her out. Naturally, she no longer counts the years and doesn’t want a celebration. But… She’s finally, essentially retired and has little to do to fill her days. […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 413 – New Non-Profit Reporting

Dear Family, Brent Clanton called me this morning to talk about how to write off your summer BBQs and family trips on his BizRadio Network show. (BTW, you really must read Brent’s blog. I’ve been sitting here cracking up at his latest columns, especially about the pants. https://brentclanton.blogspot.com/ ) You can, you know – if […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 412 – New Wave of IRS Audits Coming Your Way

Happy Birth Anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1867 Dear Family, Let me introduce you to someone new. Kathryn Durham is the passionate author of Mom, Can You Buy Me This? Today she turns her passion to children being sent pre-approved credit cards. Kathryn strikes a chord with today’s article – Credit Cards vs Cigarettes. Well, […]

Nevada LLC in CA

Today TaxMama hears from Betsy in San Francisco, who wants an in-depth tax planning for free! “I’m planning to start an Internet business. I live in CA and will be working from my home. I want to create a NV LLC for the asset protection reasons you mentioned in Nevada LLC show. And, if the […]

Nevada LLC

Today TaxMama hears from Tom in Upland, CA who wants to know, “I live in So. Cal. and am considering an LLC. I want to set-it-up in NV and do business in CA. I do land development and also sell real estate. Is this the best way to go for liability protection and the tax […]

Big Gains

Today TaxMama hears from Marty in Calif., who relates. “I own a piece of land in Florida that I own free and clear and now have up for sale (as of Jan.buy tadalafil online https://www.conci.com/wp-content/languages/new/tadalafil.html no prescription 1, 2006) and the listing price is $5.74 million. It was valued at 6,000 when I acquired it […]

Tax Bankruptcies

From: Everywhere – we had about 10 questions about tax bankruptcies, this week alone. Who knows, perhaps this article re-surfaced Dear TaxMama, Is it true that you really can get rid of your taxes through bankruptcy? What is a tax bankruptcy and how can I get one? Signed… everyone. Dear Family, About three years ago, […]