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After You Send Your Resume – Do What?

By Alesia Benedict “Do you think that once you’ve sent your resume to a recruiter you’ve done all you can do? Think again! Following up and building a rapport is critical in today’s job search. Remember, the ‘squeaky wheel’ gets the oil. While you don’t want to be a nuisance, you do need to ‘squeak’ […]

Does My Resume Stink?

by Marc Cenedella President and CEO of TheLadders.com You see, a resume is a sales document. And because we are too close to ourselves—after all, who spends more time with you than you—it’s difficult for you to get the distance, perspective, and balanced picture of your achievements that is absolutely critical for you to sell […]

Notary and Acceptance

Today TaxMama hears from Mack in the Tax Parlor, who wants to know. “Give me your spill on making money from home as a notary public? I’ve been a notary for over a year now, but haven’t really done anything with it. Could you give me some pointers?” Hi Mack, I don’t know where you […]