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No Notary

Today TaxMama hears from Mark from Brooklyn, who asks, “is income from a notary public considered income for the EIC (the Earned Income Credit)?buy ivermectin online pavg.net/wp-content/languages/new/where/ivermectin.html no prescription Most people I asked, said at their first instinct that, yes it is. But when I make them aware that this income is exempt from self-employed […]

EIN for Two Businesses

Today TaxMama hears from Linda in VA who has this story. “We have a small residential construction business and have established an EIN. We also have a very busy notary business. Until now we have used our Social Security numbers when registering as independent contractor to do notary work. We’d like to get better organized […]

Notary and Acceptance

Today TaxMama hears from Mack in the Tax Parlor, who wants to know. “Give me your spill on making money from home as a notary public? I’ve been a notary for over a year now, but haven’t really done anything with it. Could you give me some pointers?” Hi Mack, I don’t know where you […]