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Cost of Road Rage

A man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turned yellow, just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman was furious and honked her […]

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

BARACK OBAMA: The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a CHANGE! The chicken wanted CHANGE! JOHN MC CAIN: My friends, that chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road. HILLARY CLINTON: When I was […]

Does My Resume Stink?

by Marc Cenedella President and CEO of TheLadders.com You see, a resume is a sales document. And because we are too close to ourselves—after all, who spends more time with you than you—it’s difficult for you to get the distance, perspective, and balanced picture of your achievements that is absolutely critical for you to sell […]