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Don’t conduct a passive job search

[CAN YOU LAND A $100,000+ JOB?] “Treat your job search as any other marketing campaign and take your case directly to the ‘buyers’ (the employers). Network, submit directly to companies, and maintain contact with recruiters. Be proactive! Don’t wait for the phone to ring.” Alesia Benedict You’ll find Alesia Benedict at TheLadders – where you […]

Stay on Top of Changes in Your Online Identity

To stay on top of changes in your online identity, set up Google News Alerts for all versions of your name. That way, you will get an email notification every time someone writes something about you online. In a job search, your Google results are becoming just as important as your resume and cover letter. […]

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Attack Your Job Search Like an Executive

“You are an executive, so attack your job search like one! Have a plan and a timeline. Approach your job search as you would any other project: gather your team, prepare your materials, and execute the plan. Be ready to switch gears if opportunity arises or roadblocks appear.” Alesia Benedict You’ll find Alesia Benedict at […]

Use technology to your advantage

“Set job alerts, use email effectively, take the time to learn the best search techniques, and make sure you have the correct formats of your resume for your job search. An e-resume, a Word format, and a hard copy version for the interview are all necessary for a successful job search.” Alesia Benedict TheLadders.com Resume […]

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After You Send Your Resume – Do What?

By Alesia Benedict “Do you think that once you’ve sent your resume to a recruiter you’ve done all you can do? Think again! Following up and building a rapport is critical in today’s job search. Remember, the ‘squeaky wheel’ gets the oil. While you don’t want to be a nuisance, you do need to ‘squeak’ […]