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Ask TaxMama Issue 472 – Heroes and Hockey Moms

Ask TaxMama Issue 471 – Time for Change

Ask TaxMama Issue 469 – Beijing Olympics and TSA Device

Dear Family, The Beijing Olympics starts today! 08-08-08 – if you turn it sideways, did you notice that you have three infinity symbols? To infinity and beyond! Generally Olympic frenzy is high right before each set of Olympic Games. Are you seeing that same kind of passion among the fans? For some reason, I am […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 465 – The Art of Taxes

Dear Family, The early birds really do get the worm today. Since practically before daylight, I’ve been watching the birds in my back yard swooping down and around, being unusually active. Generally, it’s the squirrels using the trellis Rick built as a jungle gym. Looks like we have new guests – some variety of blue […]


Today TaxMama hears from Shawn in New Jersey who tells us: “I plan to be an independent contractor working with architectural renderings. My friends in Asia will be actually doing the work. I will be getting the jobs, collecting the fees, and paying the Asian rendering team. How do I handle this for taxes, since […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 433 – For Our Tax Veterans

Dear Family, This weekend is the Veterans Day Weekend holiday. What do you traditionally do to celebrate? Will you be doing anything special this weekend? Tell us about it. https://www.taxquips.com/index.php?cat=Tradition! For Baby Boomers, growing up, the veterans were men and women who had completed their service in honored wars. They were in demand, got top […]

Trophy Donations Tax Scam

Today TaxMama hears from the Humane Society with a warning about phony museum donations by hunters. The press release is below. I won’t read it to you – but I will summarize it. You’re going to see some words in the following press release that will trigger all kinds of hostility and negative reactions, no […]