Ask TaxMama Issue 472 – Heroes and Hockey Moms

California Statehood admission to the Union

Dear Family,

Last week, we talked about the Overwhelming Obama. This week, the Republican Convention monopolized the news – and America gained a new celebrity – Sarah Palin.

Wow. When I first heard the announcement that McCain had picked a woman as a running mate, my first thought was – brilliant strategy. As the week wore on, the more I heard about the Governor of Alaska, the more it seemed this was an impulsive, foolish choice, just grasping at straws. After all, there are so many accomplished, brilliant women to choose from!

On the other hand, Sarah Palin is definitely the kind of woman you’d love to have as a best friend. She’s admirable, pushy, persistent, stubborn, spunky, forthright – and frankly, fun. But do I want her to be president? (Remember that ‘heart-beat away’ concept?)

The crowds love her! Sarah Palin is probably THE most self-assured person I’ve ever seen in the political spotlight. She’s perfectly at ease with the cameras, the questions and the attention. And did I tell you this? The crowds love her.

In fact, the International Herald Tribune quotes Peggy Lambert, a delegate from Maryville, Tennessee, who said “But man, Sarah Palin! John is gonna have trouble keeping up with her.”

McCain’s big claim for the right to the presidency is that he’s a hero. When you listen to what he endured in Vietnam, there’s no doubt he is a man of stolid character and able to endure truly unbelievable levels of torture and abuse. Considering the battering of an eager press and political opponents…and the total lack of privacy for the next 4-8 years, hmmmm…. maybe that IS a quality a president needs.

On the other hand, did you see how many gold medals Michael Phelps just won at the Olympics? And do you have any idea the kind of personal character, strength and perseverence it takes for that achievement? Michael Phelps is a hero, too. Do you want him to be your president?

McCain’s speech put me to sleep a few times. He was mostly droning on about generalities. I will admit that I was annoyed at the rudeness and disruption of the proceedings by some protesters. This was a time to listen and give the presidential candidate the benefit of your attention – not to turn the proceedings into a circus. That’s counter-productive.

Frankly, if I had 25 years in the Legislature, I am sure that I could select 5 or 10 key pieces of legislation for which I was responsible. Legislation that I was proud to have passed. It disturbed me that McCain couldn’t produce a speech that covered specific accomplishments. Especially specific battles over issues he’d had that where he had prevailed – where he had been able to persuade his opposition to agree with him. Now, THAT would be an important presidential quality.

Video and Transcript of McCain’s speech.

Has McCain improved his chances of winning the White House? Yes.
Has he improved his chances enough?
I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, if you see the juxtaposition of their names on banners, you see McCain above Palin. Just watch what some vindictive person will do, creating banners that say
McCain/Pain (removing the L)!

Let’s see what happens at the debates.

So far, neither candidate impresses me as being the president for this time.
But I still think Obama has generated more support among the young and working voters who might not otherwise go to the polls.

Our Job Advice of the Week teaches you how to use your e-mail most effectively. Simple advice – but it can make the difference between having your e-mail or resume arrive – or losing it in spam filter limbo.

For those of you feeling old, today’s Money Funny will help you remember some of the wonderful experiences we had along the way, that this generation will never experience. ‘Kids’, you don’t know what you missed by being born so recently!

IRS News provides information about what to watch out for when you outsource your payroll – in plain English, when you hire a payroll service.

TaxQuips this week covered marriage licenses, loans from overseas and the retirement savers credit. Nothing to stressful, though the information was particularly helpful, as some folks told me.

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You are what makes all this fun – and interesting!

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Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

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