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Employers want to see what you have achieved, and they want to see quantitative (not just qualitative) evidence that you have made a difference. Start keeping records of your achievements and how they have impacted the bottom line.

Alesia Benedict
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TaxMama note: One one job, I started keeping a log that tracked how much income I personally generated for my employer. When it came time for a review, I was able to present specific information to demonstrate my worth to the company. Do you think it made it easier to get a worthwhile raise?

Actually no. The raise offered was so insignificant that I honestly thought they were just joking. They were joking, right? They weren’t. But it did prove to me just how valuable my skills were – so I quit and built up my own practice quite easily. Many of the old firm’s clients followed me – and are still with me today.

Note to employers: Pay attention to the value your staff brings to you. They’d rather work for you and move up to partner than have to leave and become competition. Treat your staff well.