What if they find out my current earnings are low?

They know you had low prior earnings? It could cost you the job or leave you open for a lowball offer. Your strategy to neutralize this is: early in the interview, say, “It’s too early for substantive talk about salary, but I think you’ll agree that I’m lower than other candidates, right? Well, I know I’m underpaid. That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m looking – to get my earnings more in line with what the actual salary averages are. I presume you’re most interested in how well the candidate can do the job more than picking the least expensive candidate, is that a fair statement? [Yes, of course.] Okay then I’m sure we’ll have no problem getting something competitive when the time comes.” Then switch the topic of conversation. “I know that top performance is what counts, in the end. What’s the biggest problem you have related to this position?”

Jack Chapman
Salary Negotiations

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