Ask Taxmama Issue 413 – New Non-Profit Reporting

Dear Family,

Brent Clanton called me this morning to talk
about how to write off your summer BBQs and
family trips on his BizRadio Network show.

(BTW, you really must read Brent’s blog.

I’ve been sitting here cracking up at his
latest columns, especially about the pants. )

You can, you know – if you follow all the rules

for business entertainment and travel (and you
don’t deduct the non-business part of the costs).

During the news break between our interview,
I was answering a question from Melinda in
Alabama about her ‘temporary’ job in the

Katrina disaster area. It occurs to me that
she’s not the only one with a problem like this.
So I sent it off to several buddies at IRS’s
various Washington, DC offices. One of them
responded in minutes. So, stand by. Next week,

we may have new guidelines for the folks who
are working ‘temporarily’ in the clean-up area.
(It may take longer to write…but, at least we
may have the seed of new guidelines to come.)

This morning’s e-mail also brought me a

powerful, evocative poem by a 13-year-old,
sent by her proud mom. Hopefully, by next
week, I’ll have the right to publish it.
You will identify.

This week’s Money Funnies is short and wise.

TaxQuips this week is a kick!With summer jobs,
double businesses and your comments, we’ve
been really enjoying the experience.

Our EA Exam Review Class got prematurely cut
off about 2 minutes early yesterday because I
pressed the wrong button. Opps. Sorry. Well.
at lease the whole lecture is written up on
those PDF files.

Remember – today’s the deadline!
June 15th for estimated taxes –

And overseas filers’ tax returns are due, too.

Oh, I really, really want to thank you all for
your outpouring of support, signing up again
for the newsletters. Your private notes and
personal comments…well, just thank you.
You make it all worthwhile.

Have a less taxing weekend.

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.



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