Ask Taxmama Issue 414 – Summer is Here

Dear Family,

Ah, what a very busy week.

Time flies when you’ve got so much to fill it.

It’s my mother’s birthday this weekend and
we’re taking her out. Naturally, she no longer

counts the years and doesn’t want a celebration.

She’s finally, essentially retired and has
little to do to fill her days. So, I wasn’t

quite sure how to answer her when she asked me,
“Why don’t you pick out a movie or a play?
Why should I do it?”

Of course, the respectful answer, which I gave,

was – we want to do something YOU enjoy. So
you pick out something to make you happy.

And I’m thinking – Hey, Sweetheart! I am sitting
here working from 4:30 am – often until midnight.

And you’re sitting there bored out of your mind.
Wouldn’t you relish the opportunity for something
to do? Like to find some entertainment?

But we must never say things like that to people

we love.

Neither did the mother in this week’s Money Funnies.
She just let her husband go shopping while she was ill.

TaxQuips has lots of good questions this week.
And links to some very interesting research.

will appeal to the real TaxNerd in you.

It’s the release of their latest Statistics.

Speaking of statistics, the Taxpayer Advocate’s
annual report to Congress is full of statistics

and charts. This week, I stumbled across a
reference in last year’s Advocacy Report to
Congress – about !

(Look at page 655 of the report, or page 20 of the

PDF file of Section Four. What a kick!)

The Advocate noted that many of you got active
and sent in your concerns about the way IRS is

handling tax collections of balances due from
divorced couples. Well done, friends!

Because you came through, the Taxpayers Advocate’s
office not only took the issue seriously, they
brought up the topic to Congress. See, all it

takes a good letter-writing campaign in the right

Oh, you’re going to love this weekend’s column. I found this really

interesting site that helps folks get business
licenses. And what they do for the average person,
aside from just businesses, is really quite fun!

So keep an eye out for this weekend’s TaxWatch


Have a less taxing weekend.

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.



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Note: Reminder from NAEA

Reminder: Past SEE Results Expire this Year
E@lert reminds readers that 31 December 2007
is the deadline for carrying over passing
scores from parts of the Special Enrollment
Examination (SEE) taken during 2003, 2004,

and 2005.

Individuals who plan to carry over such parts
from previous years must submit Form 23 by
the end of this year, or their exam results

Part One of the old exam may be carried
over in place of Part One of the new exam;
Parts Two and Three of the old exam correspond
to Part Two of the new exam;
and Part Four of the old exam corresponds to

Part Three of the new exam.

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