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Home Office or Rent

Today TaxMama hears from Leslie in the TaxQuips Forum, who is quite clever.buy acyclovir online gilbertroaddental.com/wp-content/languages/new/generic/acyclovir.html no prescription “I am helping a friend out with her business.  She currently takes a deduction for having a home office for the company that she runs out of her home. Would it benefit her more to charge the […]

Music to My Ears

Today TaxMama hears from Larry in the TaxQuips Forum, who wants clarification.  “Though I derive the majority of my guitar teaching income from teaching at a local music store, can I still write off home/office deductions for the smaller part of my home lessons? If so what percentage, and how is that addressed on the […]

Home Office Expense Carryover

Today TaxMama hears from Mark in Illinois, with this problem. “Taxpayer has claimed the home office deduction for a couple of years. There is a build up of carryover expenses. During 2008 taxpayer quit doing business from his home. Taxpayer continued in the same line of business for the remainder of the year from a […]

Home Office Carryforward

Today TaxMama hears from Erin in Washington State who wants to know. “For the unused home office deduction, can I choose not to claim home office deduction in the years of loss and claim it when I make a profit?”

Selling Your Home Office

Today TaxMama hears from Jon in Colorado, who’s been listening to friends. “My wife and I have a small business that we operate from our house in the country. We moved here eight years ago because it had a large detached four-car garage (1,100 SF), which we use as our studio. We also use two […]

Employee’s Home Office

Today TaxMama hears from Lee From Houston, TX, who asks, “I will be relocating to a new area where I will be working exclusively from the home I will be purchasing.http://wsbarberschool.com/wp-content/languages/new/down-syndrome-research-paper.html I will continue in the same position, working for the same company who doesn’t have local offices.http://wsbarberschool.com/wp-content/languages/new/cheap-resume-writing-services.html Can I deduct my home office expenses?http://wsbarberschool.com/wp-content/languages/new/website-for-resume.html […]

S Corp and Office in Home

Today Heather from Portland, Oregon asks, “Can I report income from S Corporation on Schedule C? If not, how do I get the home office, depreciation, etc. deduction as I cannot find these in the 1120S form?”