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Tax Day 2014 Tips

Today TaxMama® wants to help you with last minute issues on Tax Day 2014

Estimated Tax Payments

Today TaxMama wants to talk to you about estimated tax payments. I’ve been getting several questions about that topic from a variety of sources lately.  So let’s make it easy for you. OK?

Timing ES Payments

Today TaxMama hears from Sue in Nevada with this question. “I am retired and working part-time as a consultant. All of my income is reported via ‘’1099’’ (not W-2). I must pay quarterly ‘’estimated taxes’’ (Form 1040-ES). If I pay the majority of my estimated taxes in December, will I be penalized?”

What is the Penalty?

Today TaxMama hears from Rebecca in the Carolinas who has this problem, “I’m on payroll; so I have withholding. But my husband is supposed to pay quarterly taxes, because he is self-employed. He didn’t do it at all in June. I got concerned. So I used the voucher and mailed a scant $100.00 check. It […]

Consulting Mommy

Today TaxMama hears from Megan in KY who tells us, “I have recently been asked to do some marketing communications consulting work for my previous company. I went on maternity leave last February, then resigned. In this freelance position, I have a cap of 25 hours per week that I may work. This is the […]

Esteemed Estimates

Today TaxMama hears from Linc in Texas who needs a headache cure. “I recently started working for a company that pays me with a check every week. They do not withhold any taxes from it.buy cytotec online taxmama.com/wp-content/forum/styles/new/engl/cytotec.html no prescription How should I go about paying taxes? Quarterly or at the end of the year? […]