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Sick and Divorced

Today we hear from Karen in PA who tells us, “ I just got divorced. I am entitled to $40,000 of hubby’s 401(k). I’m permanently disabled and haven’t worked since 2003. I need this money for necessities, but don’t want to pay early withdrawal or tax penalties. Because I’m disabled and receive a pittance from […]

New Social Security Mismatch Rule

Shades of 1984 and McCarthyism! This new rule is going further than simply holding employers responsible for ensuring that the workers they hire are all legal. That is as it should be. Everyone should take responsibility for their own actions and choices. However, it includes a snitch-factor – encouraging employees to turn others in – […]

Over 65 and Working

Today TaxMama hears from Mike in New York City who’s got this question. “If you’re 65 or older and still working, does it still pay to open an IRA and get insurance coverage in case of disability? I have neither.”

The Social Security Marriage Tax Penalty

by Doug Thorburn, EA, CFP Single taxpayers with Social Security benefits subject to the phase-in rules experience exorbitant tax brackets at moderate incomes. Married filers suffer quietly at generally lower rates, but that doesn’t mean they are better off. The reason is the “base amounts” for married filers begin at such relatively low income levels […]

Parents Property Exempt

Today TaxMama hears from Vivian in California who asks. “How do I get my parents property exempted from taxes? They are both retired & on Social Security. My dad has been on disability for years.”

Series E and EE bonds

Today TaxMama hears from Joan in Kentucky who tells us. “My 90 year old father lives on SS and a small pension. He has a number of Series E and EE bonds maturing. Reporting the interest really hurts him at tax time. Is there any way he can cash in the bonds (about $20,000 in […]

Forged Joint Return

Today TaxMama hears from Tom, in the Midwest. He tells us, “I’ve been separated from my wife for several years. For 2006, I had no taxable income due to a disability. My wife filed a joint tax return by forging my signature. She did not have my power of attorney, or even verbal permission. She […]

Disability Income

Today TaxMama hears from Sal, who tells us. “In the year 2006 an employee of a non profit social service organization located in New York State received third-party sick pay directly from an insurance company. A separate W-2 showing the sick pay was issued to the employee. It shows no Federal, State or Local withholding […]

Daughter Heads House

Today TaxMama hears from Sherri, who needs to know. “My daughter is 17. She has worked all year since I was hurt on the job and haven’t been able to work. Can she claim head of household? She helped out with the bills when I was hurt. I don’t want her to get in trouble; […]

Family Death During Year

Today TaxMama hears from Fran in the Tax Parlor, who tells us. “My mother died in 2006 and received Social Security monthly, getting about $700 per month. In addition, she had investments totaling about $60,000 that paid less than $5,000. Do I need to file a return? If so, what info and forms do I […]

Loss Carryforward

Today TaxMama hears from Geraldine in the Tax Parlor, who asks “Can I bring over a $3,000 loss from 2004 return without filing a 2005 return, since he did not have any earn income – only social security for 2005?” Hi Geraldine, Personally, I ALWAYS advise my clients to file tax returns for each year, […]

SS Disability

Today TaxMama hears from Brad in the Tax Forum, who tells us , “I was awarded social security disability after three years. I received substantial back pay, around $33,000. This settlement will be added to my spouse’s income. Is this taxable? Will I have to report the FULL amount paid to me in 06? Or […]