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Cashed in a Bond

Today TaxMama hears from DD in the TaxQuips Forum, who’s bewildered. “His wife’s aunt gave her a municipal bond, which was just called. They were paid face value for the bond. But how do they figure out the basis?”

IRS Issues Guidance on New Build America Bonds

IR-2009-33, April 3, 2009 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today issued guidance on the new Build America Bond program. This program allows state and local governments to issue taxable bonds for capital projects and to receive a new direct federal subsidy payment from the Treasury Department for a portion of their borrowing costs. The […]

U.S. Supreme Court rules against taxpayers in municipal bond case

Courtesy of Spidell Publishing Inc. Spidell’s Flash E-mail #2008-11 The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a ruling permitting states to exempt interest on their own bonds from taxation, while taxing residents for interest on bonds issued by other states. (Dept. of Revenue of Kentucky v. Davis (May 19, 2008) _ US _, Case No. 06-666) […]

Series E and EE bonds

Today TaxMama hears from Joan in Kentucky who tells us. “My 90 year old father lives on SS and a small pension. He has a number of Series E and EE bonds maturing. Reporting the interest really hurts him at tax time. Is there any way he can cash in the bonds (about $20,000 in […]