Forged 2005

Today we hear from Veronica in New York who has this story.
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“I received a letter from IRS requesting $2,800 for 2005. I was married in 2005, but left my husband on September 1, 2005 and haven’t been back since.

I filed my own separate income tax for year 2005 and did not know that my husband sent IRS a joint return for the same year without my consent. He actually forged my signature. Please advise me on the right course of action.

Dear Veronica,

You did everything exactly right!

Good. Now, find a copy of your own 2005 tax return.

Send a reply to IRS explaining that you did not file a joint return with your ex-husband. That you filed your own married, separate 2005 tax return on a timely basis. And enclosed is the copy of that tax return.

Explain to IRS that if they have a 2005 joint tax return with your name, Social Security Number and signature – that it must be a forgery.

You will probably get a couple of letters from IRS to get more information. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to pay that forged debt.

And congratulations for having the good sense to divorce a jerk who would do that!
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