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TaxMama’s® TaxQuips Giving and Receiving

    It’s TaxQuips time from TaxMama.com® . Today TaxMama® wants talk to you about an issue raised by Jean Mammen, EA. She says that right around now, there is so much going on, helping refugees, the homeless, and others who have experienced adversity. So, let me give you some quick tips about the tax […]

Holiday Business Gifts

Today TaxMama® wants to talk about business-related gift-giving for the holidays .

Caring Friends

Today TaxMama® hears from Grace in the TaxQuips Forum, with this charming question. “We have a friend that is dying of terminal cancer and is expected to pass away within 6 months. We will use a web-site that easily allows fund gathering.  But we need to know if there are tax consequences to her estate […]

Helping Someone in Need

Today TaxMama® hears from MJ in the TaxQuips Forum who tells us, “We have a friend whose child has been injured, and would like to raise funds for her to help pay for the bills. We cannot afford to file for a non-profit (KY); and don’t know if that’s even necessary for a case like […]

Not What They Seem?

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Holiday Credit Cards

Today TaxMama hears from Riki in New York with this concern. “I’m looking for specific advice on how to take control of a large post-holiday credit card balance.”

Happy Thanks for All the Gifts Week

Is there someone you forgot to thank? Is that Thank You card burning a hole in your pocket? Is Mom pestering you about calling your aunt?buy cymbalta online blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/us/cymbalta.html no prescription How long have you meant to thank him for that locket?   Well, for all you procrastinators, you ‘I meant to do it’ divas, […]

Gifting a Mortgage

Today TaxMama hears from Lorraine in New Jersey with these questions.http://auneec.ateneo.edu/wp-includes/images/new/correct-my-essay.html “My father is giving us the cash to pay off our mortgage.http://auneec.ateneo.edu/wp-includes/images/new/executive-resume-writing-services.html How does this effect our 2008 income? Is paying off the mortgage a deduction?? How does gifting apply?”

Holiday Tips

Today TaxMama wants to talk about holiday spending. It’s so easy to go overboard.buy veklury online https://taxmama.com/wp-content/forum/styles/new/veklury.html no prescription I mean, really easy. I just went into a store the other day and picked up an assortment of cute things, none of them very expensive – and was shocked to see $172 show up on […]