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Ask Taxmama Issue 444 – Seeing Red and Wearing Red

Today is National Wear Red Day. Red is more than just a fashion statement. It’s all about support for women’s heart disease awareness. Most attention is placed on men and their heart problems. Sad to say, women have achieved equality in this regard, too. Yay, we’ve arrived! https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/hearttruth/events/nwrd.htm This week has been absorbed with getting […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 442 – Tax Movies

Dear Family, I can’t think of a Martin Luther Kind weekend without remembering Marvin Brown’s first ever personal day off on January 17, 1994. Do you wonder why I remember the date of my friend’s one day off? Because even on that one precious day, he couldn’t sleep in. Nature shook him awake at 4:31 […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 441 – 2008 Darwin Awards

Dear Family, Did you know that this week is Universal Letter Writing Week? The Crayola site has some cute activities for children to do. https://www.crayola.com/calendar/detail.cfm?event_id=224&year=2008 The presidential primaries will be the focus of much of your radio and television news features. If you don’t want to listen to all the fluff, or don’t have the […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 440 – Gifts for 2008

Dear Family, Welcome to 2008. Already, this looks to be a good, solid, upbeat year. People are optimistic and energetic – at least the ones who’ve returned to work. Some lucky folks are still on vacation until next Monday. Good for you. For those of you here right now, we’ve got lots of gifts for […]

Ask Taxmama Issue 437 – Mortgage Relief