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Do It Yourself Input Error

Today TaxMama hears from Allen in Wayne WV, who says, “I had three W-2’s with the same address and phone number, but different company names on them. So I used Turbo Tax at the last vardenafil online no prescription I added everything together on the wages line etc. I put all the W-2’s […]

Last Minute 1099

Today TaxMama hears from Marie in NY, who has a problem, “I am a self-employed educational consultant. I am issuing a 1099 to someone for the first time this propecia online no prescription I see that it must be filed with the IRS by March 31, 2006. Can I do this electronically online? […]

Used Car Tax Preparers

Today TaxMama hears from Noe in Texas, who wants to know. “Why should taxpayers avoid companies that prepare tax returns free of charge on the condition that the customer uses their refund as a down payment on a car or that offers them the refund as a loan like that? How they can do better?”

99 Dependents

Today TaxMama hears from Bob in Plainfield, IL who tells us, “I am married filing jointly. My wife stays at home with our 3 children. I currently claim 12 allowances on my W-4 and still get money back at tax time. TurboTax recommended I increase my W-4 allowances to 99 and increase my 403(b) contributions […]

Deducting Books

Today TaxMama hears from Granny in Georgia who furosemide online no prescription “I am preparing my granddaughter’s tax return. She is a married student and qualifies for the Hope acyclovir online no prescription She received a 1098-T from the school. She has been told by others that in addition to this […]

Convert and Flip

Today TaxMama hears from Paul in Florida, who says “I have a friend whose apartment community has been converted to a condominium. He and his wife are going to buy their unit, which has been their primary residence for over two years. They intend to resell the condo as quickly as possible after purchasing it […]

Excel-ent Stock Reports

Today TaxMama hears from HD in a TaxQuips comment who wants to know, “I have bought and sold a lot of stock this year. Where can I found how to do the calculations for tax purposes. I don’t like the software that is out there, I use Excel. Can you help me work out how […]

Sale of Rental

Today, Michael from Palm Bay, FL tells us “I bought a home in 1984 as my residence. I was transferred in 1991 and had to rent it due to there being no market for home sales. It was rented (rental property schedule E) until 2004, when I retired and sold it. Do I declare the […]