Last Minute 1099

Today TaxMama hears from Marie in NY, who has a problem, “I am a self-employed educational consultant. I am issuing a 1099 to someone for the first time this year.
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I see that it must be filed with the IRS by March 31, 2006.

Can I do this electronically online? How can I still make this deadline?

Thanks so much.”

Hi Marie,

Normally the deadline to file is February 28th. IRS extended the deadline just for people filing electronically.

But the concept is, with this special extended deadline, that you have already given the person the 1099. You’re just filing it electronically with IRS…

But, we all know that’s rarely the case when people submit their records this late.

So, how can you file?

See your tax professional. S/he can probably do it for you.
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Many of us are set up to offer an array of electronic services.

There also used to be a place online, let’s see…ah, here it is! You can try

In fact, they can also file W-2s electronically online until March 31st.

Good luck!

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