Do It Yourself Input Error

Today TaxMama hears from Allen in Wayne WV, who says, “I had three W-2’s with the same address and phone number, but different company names on them. So I used Turbo Tax at the last minute.
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I added everything together on the wages line etc. I put all the W-2’s in with the forms to mail them. Afterwards, I realized they all had different tax ID numbers on them, which I had not put on my form. I turned everything in. Is there any way for me to amend this?
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Or will I be in big trouble?”

Dear Allen,

OK, that’s a new one for me.

But I can see how easily that could happen.
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And I’ll bet that happens often.

What might happen is that IRS’s computers will send you an error message at some point.
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But I don’t believe that IRS’s computers are able to match up W-2s at this early part of the year. (Some companies just filed them with the Social Security Administration on
March 31st!) So, it shouldn’t hold up your refund.

Ummm…Did you say you mailed all the forms and W-2’s? You didn’t file electronically?
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If that’s the case, you have NOTHING to worry about. IRS’s keypunch staff will read the information right off the original W-2s.

Relax. I’ll bet you never make that mistake again!

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