NV LLC Operating in CA

March 20, 2013
Tax by definition

Today TaxMama® hears from Janet in the TaxQuips Forum, with this question.  “Is an LLC registered in NV and doing business in CA required to pay California’s $800 LLC taxes?”

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Ask TaxMama Issue 666 – Happy Chanukah

December 7, 2012
Happy Chanukah

There’s a party at the IRS today. Yup, they have parties, too. Ted Meyer, currently a territory manager in Los Angeles is retiring after over 3 decades of service. Although I am sure we’re all happy for him, I have to admit that I am sad to see him, and so many other veteran IRS […]

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Ask TaxMama Issue 664 – Honoring Veterans Weekend

Honoring Veterans Day Weekend November 9, 2012

Dear Family, In honor of Veterans’ Day this weekend, in IRS News  we are reminded that time is running out to get a substantial tax credit for hiring a veteran this year. The special, expanded tax credit will end on December 31st. So start interviewing now. Another special opportunity is open until December 31st. In […]

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Ask TaxMama Issue 662 – 2013 News

October 19, 2012
Ursula le guin's book

Dear Family, This week, the IRS announces new limits on a variety of things for 2013. That’s the entire content of this week’s IRS news features: In IRS News  we get the new limits on a variety of benefits for 2013 – with more to come in the IRS’s announcement on November 5th. The IRS […]

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Ask TaxMama Issue 661 – Shuttle Moves

October 12, 2012
Thumbnail image for Ask TaxMama Issue 661 – Shuttle Moves

Dear Family, Those of us in the Los Angeles area are dealing with a special and unusual phenomenon today. The Space Shuttle is taking its final trip, heading for the museum where it will make its home – the California Science Center near USC. Many people have already camped out, hoping for a glimpse, as […]

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Ask TaxMama Issue 654 – Still Summer

August 24, 2012
Happy Summer ... fading away

  Dear Family, Friday is a nice, gray day here in the Valley. The sun is not burning brightly down upon our heads and shoulders – at least, not yet. Thank goodness. It’s been tough out there – and my car’s A/C unit seems to have a leak. It only blows cool air when Rick […]

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Ask TaxMama Issue 653 Happy Aviation Weekend

August 17, 2012
LEGO wright bros airplane

 Dear Family, Our celebration this week is all about aviation, flight and fancy. This takes me back to a rather taxing incident in high school. My boyfriend was a pilot and I loved to go flying with him. So did his sociology instructor, the Reverend Carroll N. O’Dell. When Allen was in Mr. O’Dell’s class, […]

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10 Fun Tax Facts

August 15, 2012
Lady Godiva the original tax protestor

  Today TaxMama® decides it’s time to have fun with taxes. Let’s play with some tax trivia and see if you know the answers?

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Ask TaxMama Issue 652 – Happy Tax Holiday Season

August 10, 2012
Olympics and taxes

  Dear Family, States around the country are offering sales tax holidays this time of year. Click on the graphic (at left) to find the details. All these years, we never really heard anything about the taxability of the Olympic medals – or of the cash prizes given to each winner. Suddenly, this month, it’s […]

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Ask TaxMama Issue 651 – Another Buggy Whip

July 27, 2012
paperback books

Dear Family, Next week is the anniversary of the Paperback book, which was first introduced by Penguin. There was a brand of paperback books called PocketBooks. As you may have realized, I am an avid reader. Have been since I could see.

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