10 Fun Tax Facts


Today TaxMama® decides it’s time to have fun with taxes. Let’s play with some tax trivia and see if you know the answers?

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 OK My Friends, here goes:

1)    What 11th century noblewoman rode through town, naked, to protest her own husband’s tax increase on his tenants?

2)    Which president started the practice of releasing his tax returns? (Bonus: Where can you find copies of presidential tax returns)?

3)    When did the checkbox for the Presidential Campaign Funds contribution first appear? (Bonus: Does checking the box reduce your refund?)

4)    What is the first recorded instance of taxation – and where?

5)    What famous band had a hit record with a song about taxation?

6)    How many U.S. states have no personal income taxes at all on individuals?

7)    What day brings the most fatal traffic accidents?

8)    What tax led to the famous Boston Tea Party?

9)    What is the most physically invasive tax ever?

10) When was the first tax return form created in the United States?

Did you have fun? How many answers did you know?

Not sure? See below for the answers with links to the source of the information.

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1) Lady Godiva – there’s even a Peter and Gordon song about this.

2) President Nixon – and the TaxHistory.org site. For more interesting tax history information – visit the Tax History Museum.

3) First appeared on the 1973 tax return as a $1 contribution (up to $3 today). And no, it doesn’t cost you a dime.

4) First known information comes from Mesopotamia about  4,500 BC, then in Egypt around 3,500 BC. (And yes, although taxation was mentioned in the Bible, the Bible wasn’t written by Moses until around 1400 BC.)

5) The Beatles, written by George Harrison – The TaxMan for the 1966 album, the Revolver.

6)  7 states – Alaska, Washington state, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas, Florida. 2 of the states shown do have taxes on certain common investment income (dividends and interest) – New Hampshire and Tennessee. Alaska not only doesn’t have an income tax – they pay you to live there.

7) On Tax Day, there are typically more fatal traffic accidents than on any other day of the year.

8) The Stamp Act on American Colonists. It was a tax on every single piece of paper they used, however small. Can you imagine what that would cost us today?

9) The Droit de Seigneur – the right of a lord, king or noble to bed a woman, about to be a bride, before her wedding day.

10) 1913 – do you want your own copy, courtesy of TaxMama®? Want to wear it?

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