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Today TaxMama hears from Alex in the TaxQuips Forum, with this issue.  “I am the worship leader at my church and am currently paid a salary of $6,000 a year without taxes taken out. I also just recently took on a short term job in which I was hired as an independent contractor to do odd jobs for a small business. By the time my services are finished I will have made over $600. My questions are: What form(s) do I need to get filled out?
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What taxes will I have to pay in light of this information to make sure I get everything taken care of?”

Hi Alex

I did a little reading to learn more about worship leaders to see if you might be entitled to any special treatment as clergy. Apparently not.  But it does sound like a delightful and joyous occupation.

 Well, it sounds to me as if you’re in business for yourself.
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  You will need to fill out a Form 1040, a Schedule C, a Schedule SE – at the very least.  Those forms are – the main long form tax return, the business profit and loss, and the self-employment taxes forms.  You may also need a Schedule A (for itemized deductions); a Form 4562 for depreciation; and a Form 8829 (for office in home).
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 Read IRS Publication 334 BEFORE you do anything.  You can find it online or call IRS’s Forms hotline at 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676) to get a printed copy.

 Also, consider learning about strategies to reduce your taxes with Small Business Taxes Made Easy.

It appears that more and more good things are coming your way.
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