Ask TaxMama Issue 563 – Good Choices

Happy Anniversary of the home sewing machine by Isaac Singer

Dear Family,

Today’s theme was not planned. By coincindence, the very first two stories I researched this morning are about Orthodox Jewish experiences. In case you didn’t know, I was brought up in that community, attending full-time Hebrew or Jewish schools from nursery school all the way back in Hungary to an early admission to Yeshiva University night school while still in high school. Although my life and views are more universal than the cloistered world I grew up in, the emotional and cultural ties are inevitably very strong.

Following up on this theme brings to mind the story of my background included in Raven Blair Davis’ new book – Careers from the Kitchen Table – the 2010 Business Directory. It just happens to be tied to this week’s anniversary of the Singer sewing machine for home use. You’ll need to read page 267 when you pick up your copy of the book. It contains over 50 interviews with people who operate viable businesses from home – and tell you how you can succeed at it, too. You will find it in the Family Member resources next week.

Meanwhile, tune in on Saturday at 2 pm – 3 pm CT as several inspirational businessfolk and TaxMama join Raven the Talk Show Maven on

The big news of the week. The Senate has confirmed Elena Kagan as the newest Supreme Court justice. Kagan has a fascinating background, including a successful conflict resolution as a teenager. It led to the first formal Bat Mitzvah (a feminine version of a Bar Mitzvah)observation in her family’s Orthodox synagogue. (Wow. I didn’t know that!) Kagan will start in the fall, similar to Jill Clayburgh in “First Monday in October“. The big difference is, Elena Kagan will be one of three women Justices on the current Supreme Court. That’s historic. Considering that women comprise about half the population, it’s nice to see us on 1/3 of the Court.
You can read brief biographies of the current justices, along with those of a few recent retirees.

Before publishing information, articles, even humor or inspiration, I do my best to track down the source of the information. This morning’s Money Funny was sent to us Tom Forsyth, one of my EA Class students. What he didn’t know was what a special surprise this story turned out to be. This turned into a personal, poignant, experience. Tracing the story via , I found it was an adaptation of a story by Rabbi Pesach Krohn, from his book Echoes of the Maggid . The story was based on something that took place at “CHUSH” – The Jewish Center for Special Education in Brooklyn, N.Y. This is a very special school, the first ever such school for Orthodox Jewish children. It was founded by my cousin Hershl Fried – otherwise known as Rabbi Dr. Aharon Hersch Fried – who has made it his mission to provide a healthy educational opportunity for Jewish special needs children around the world. It made my mother’s day when I told her about today’s happy discovery.

You will be touched by today’s Money Funny and Inspiration – the story about the humanity children are capable of exhibiting. Thanks, Tom for sending this to me.

This morning I got a press release from Jackson Hewitt about IRS’s decision to remove the debt indicator from electronically filed tax returns. I am the wrong journalist to send that kind of nonsense to – read TaxMama’s editorial about The End of RALs.

Just a reminder, last week’s issue was titled Tax Holidays. I wanted to give you advance notice so you can take advantage of the opportunity not to pay sales taxes on certain of your purchases. The holidays started around the country this week. Look up your state to see if you can save a bit of money on your purchases this weekend.

This month’s MarketWatch column outlines some of the new laws that may affect your wallet, and taxes. There have been a lot of laws passed lately – and more to come.

Other interesting articles on MarketWatch Tax this week include Tips for Summer Workers, Estate Tax Debates, Turn Your Traffic Ticket Into a Deductible Donation – that’s a new concept!

In the Personal Finance area, I found an article about renting textbooks instead of buying them. Sheesh, they ARE getting expensive. We poor, starving students used to buy them and sell them back at a huge loss. Renting makes great sense. Some books were too precious to sell for a mere pittance, so I kept them. Have I looked at them in the last 25 years? Never once! But I have packed them up for moves at least 5 times.

EA Class News
We’re nearly done with Part 2 of the exam. Two more weeks to go. We had quite an interesting time with corporations. Certain concepts were very alien to the students. You really must wonder how Congress dreams up these ways to penalize businesses – and why. Students are still passing Part 1 – and coming back with funny stories. And yes, it turns out that TaxMama’s advice about what to do before the exam to shed the stress and fear really does work!

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Other TaxMama News:

At Equifax this week, you learn whether your new hires qualify you for the new HIRE tax credits; Dan Solin teaches you about Whole Life Insurance (a sensible insurance alternative, as far as I am concerned); Ilyce Glink explains about HAMP – the new Home Affordable Modification Program and how it can affect you; Linda Rey gives you the Facts about Umbrella Policies; and Janet Dedrick from the Equifax Credit team reveals how Super-Prime consumers tap home equity lines of credit and credit cards not available to most.
Have you tried out the really nifty tool I showed you in the blog? You get to see how your tax liability would look under three different tax plans.

In Money Funnies and Inspiration this week, we are inspired by a story about the humanity children are capable of exhibiting.

In IRS News, we learn about the IRS’s announcement to remove the debt indicator from electronically filed tax returns. And TaxMama’s delighted response to the idea!
In TaxQuips this week we get some of the best questions and challenges ever! We start the week with Mike asking how to set up a tuition assistance program for his employer’s company! George asks an interesting question about IRS mortgage interest deductions on millionaires. Taylor needs help to sort out home ownership and mortgage interest deductions when the kids have no credit of their own. We end the week with Dennis who is treasurer of a non-profit that has kids raise money for their own trips on a quota basis.
Do you know if and when you have to file a tax return? The TaxQueries blog can help you with that!

As always, we love your feedback, opinions and ideas.
You are what makes all this fun – and interesting!

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08/16/2010 Employers Make Monthly Payroll tax deposit on the 15th of each month
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