Wonderfully Wrong

Today TaxMama® hears from a couple of people in the TaxQuips Forum who tell me I am wrong. One person was rightthe other wrong. Let me tell you why I love to be wrong. There are many wonderful reasons. 

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 Dear Friends,

Taxes are a big and broad subject. One that it’s impossible to know in its entirety. It really does take an entire community to find our way through the maze. As a result, inevitably, there are times I will be totally wrong. Why is that wonderful?

1)    When you find an error, YOU remember it. You will own that information forever.

2)    One of the best ways to learn is from a mistake. I always remember my mistakes – and it helps me learn more about any subject – even taxes.

3)    When one of my students catches me in an error, I am especially proud. It means they are paying attention – and doing their research.

4)    Sometimes, when you are right, you have stumbled across something really interesting, and provide a perspective I haven’t thought of – or wasn’t aware of. Always good fodder for articles.

5)    Besides, taxes are fun. It’s all a game that we all play. Those who learn to look things up – and to understand what they’ve found – they always win.

But, please don’t tell me I’m wrong because you believe something is correct, or because you’ve always done something a certain way – and have gotten away with it, without ever being audited. If you’re going to tell me I am wrong, get off your butt and do the research. At the very least, follow the link I’ve given you to the IRS Publication, Tax Code or source that I’ve used for the information – and read it!

Of course, when I didn’t provide any source, it’s because I was too lazy to look it up – and I answered based on one of my beliefs. And when I do that? I always get caught. You’re smart. You catch me. And for that, I thank you. You make it a fun game to play!

What do YOU learn when you are wrong?

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