Too Early for Forms

Today TaxMama hears from Sarah in Pennsylvania with this question.
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“I have a client who wants to close the business and file final 2008 returns. None of the forms are yet available on IRS website.
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How do I proceed to close the business?

Dear Sarah,

That’s easy. Do everything you need to do to close the business except the final tax returns.

You can certainly pro-forma them, if you like, so your client can pay any final tax liabilities.

Remember, when you close a business now, the tax return won’t be due for at least 2 ½ or 3 ½ months after the business closes, depending on whether it’s a partnership or corporation.

By then, you’ll have 2008 forms.

If you MUST finalize everything now, prepare everything using 2007 forms. Enter the dates at the top of the first page where you normally show the fiscal year information. Print out the return and white out the 07 in 2007. Then using a black marker, write 2008. Attach a statement explaining that you didn’t have the 2008 forms.

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