Turning in Tax Criminals

Today TaxMama hears from Victor in Florida who wants to know.
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“Is there some type of reward for turning in or catching tax criminals?”

Dear Victor,

Yup. There is.

In fact, you can even find an old IRS press release on TaxMama.com from May of 2000 that talks about the program. https://www.taxmama.com/IRSnews/reward.htm

Use Form 211 Application for Award for Original Information. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f211.pdf

In order to collect the reward, you must meet certain qualifications:

1) You have to be the first person to tell IRS about this tax evader.
2) You must provide enough information about the tax evader, so IRS can find him/her. Social Security numbers would be ideal – and address and name may suffice.
3) You must provide enough information about the tax crime, so IRS can determine that the potential unpaid taxes are worth chasing after. Under the Whistleblower provisions, that means the taxes, penalties, and interest must exceed $2,000,000.

4) It would be a big help if you could also point IRS to any assets that would be used to pay those taxes.
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You need to understand that turning someone in won’t get you a reward. If IRS can’t collect any money to cover those unpaid taxes, you’ll get nothing.

In addition, according to the instructions on Form 211, there is a statement that “payment of awards under 7623(a) is made at the discretion of the IRS. ” Isn’t that a kick!

One piece of comforting news is that your identity will remain confidential. I have spoken to IRS legal counsel about this issue. They assure me that even if the accused’s attorney subpoena’s a copy of the Form 211 you sent in, IRS will ‘cleanse’ it. That means they will black out all the information identifying the accuser.

While it is good to have the people you don’t like pay their fair share of taxes, too; remember that there is a balance in the universe. All actions have consequences. So think about this carefully before you do this. And once you do it, forget about it. It often takes IRS a couple of years to act on these submissions. So don’t sit there waiting for immediate results.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about turning in tax cheats and other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At TaxMama.com

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