Terrifying Tax Tales

Today TaxMama wants to ask you. “What is your most terrifying tax tale? What is the worst thing that IRS or your state tax agency ever did to you? Or the most embarrassing thing? Did your ex-spouse or ex-lover get you in trouble? Or did your tax professional mess up big time?” Please tell us your stories.

I’d like to gather your stories in time for a special Halloween issue to supplement the special Halloween segment of Bob McCormick’s Money 101 show on KFWB. TaxMama will be joining him from 9-11 am Pacific on Halloween morning to discuss ghoulish tax tales of terror.  Of course, you’re also welcome to call in on Monday morning! 888-KFWB-980 (888-539-2980)

 Life is full of tax and financial mishaps. With all the complex rules and laws, the real surprise is that most people somehow manage to lead tax lives of quiet compliance.

Since my life’s work has been focused on helping get people out of tax trouble, I have heard lots of stories over the years. Some are too bizarre to make up. If I were trying to write stories, my mind could never have dreamt up the things people have done to each other – or themselves.

Now that your own tax terror is past, perhaps you can laugh about it? Or does it still give you chills?

Or perhaps you’re still experiencing tax terrors? Tell us. Maybe we can help!

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