TaxSeason Roundup

TaxMama has so many questions in the Tax Parlor and from her MarketWatch article this week, that I’ve spent about three times as many hours answering them. Many of the answers are posted in the Tax Parlor –

They cover areas like dealing with out of state jobs, Whirlpool’s buyout of Maytag stockholders, taxes discharged in bankruptcy, start-up costs, losing your deposit on a home or property,…and lots more questions that come from you and affect your life.

In addition, my marketing manager Sarah Hurty has been working hard to help me get some last-minute tax-cutting material written for Internet Marketing friends. So, I thought we should share that with you, too – at .

The folks at NATP sent me an article with last minute tips, too, so you’ll find a link to that on our home page – and also the link to all the states and their extension deadlines. Naturally, has my Last Minute and April To-Do articles in the Tax Center – . I wanted you to have as many options as possible. (Incidentally, you’ll find lots more resources at, too .

And for those of you who need to pay your taxes by credit card, I’ve gathered a bunch of deals with 0% rate cards, cards, with lots of mileage bonuses, and cash back. You’ll find them in TaxMama’s credit card center. .

Naturally, I couldn’t let this whole Imus thing go by, so you’ll find my opinion on the state of free speech in our world today. You probably won’t agree, but it’s my soapbox, so… but…

There’s more…you’ll find it by exploring and the Tax Parlor.

And remember, you’ll find answers to lots of questions about last-minute questions and other tax information, free. Where? At

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