TaxMama’s® 10 Tips for Business Success


Running a business or a department is complex, with innumerable people and government agencies pulling on you from all directions. With the endless demand for reports, it’s amazing that anyone is actually able to get work done, produce a product or finish a project. Yet, we do, don’t we? And we do it well.

In an executive workshop, the universal complaint was, “Our days are so full of interruptions, we can’t get our own work done.” By the workshop’s end, we’d come to realize that the interruptions are the job.

Reduce those interruptions. Make your life less taxing!

1. Know what you want.

Whether in life or business, have a goal. Have you seen people who seem to always get what they want? When the opportunity presents itself, they know what to ask for – and don’t hesitate to ask.

2. Have a plan.

Outline the steps to reach your goal – and you’ll actually take those steps.

3. Care.

Care about the people who work for you, with you, supply you and pay you. When you treat people well; when you listen to them; when you make each person feel they have 100% of your attention when it matters – you’ll have earned powerful loyalty.

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4. Know things.

Learn everything necessary to reach your goals to avoid relying on others. In a pinch, or on deadline, you can step in to do the task, or quickly train someone to do it.

5. Delegate.

Hire the right people to those things you prefer not to do. If you have any doubts before hiring them – keep looking.

6. Market yourself with finesse – not aggressiveness.

You’re always selling – whether it’s yourself, your employer, your product, your services, even your ideas or passions. Don’t be overly modest. Learn to express your ideas or pitches as briefly and effectively as possible.

7. Go to the top.

The president, CEO, or person with the decision-making authority, is who you want to pitch. Tell the executive assistant what you want to accomplish. Make the assistants your ally. They have the top boss’s ear – and influence all the executives’ assistants..

8. Don’t waste your advertising budget on big ticket, splashy ads.

Those are good for the moment. Use your budget and your customers’ word-of-mouth to establish a constant, visible presence.

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9. Keep great records.

Comply with government requirements – all levels. This makes audits easier, provides information to keep your costs under control – good records reduce your taxes.

10. Have no competitors.

Everyone in your industry does something slightly differently. When someone else is a better choice for your customer or client – refer them. Make the introduction. You’ll generate good will all around.

BONUS TIP – Number 11.

Never stint on quality. Make each product or project as important the 100th time, as it was the first time.

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