Stolen SSN

Today Carlos from Houston, TX is concerned, “My question is about my father´s
Social Security Number. He is not working now, but he thinks some one is using his SSN to work.

How can we find out and how can we see the IRS records to see if my dad is in trouble?

Dear Carlos,

If you really believe that, there are two ways.

One is the quiet way. Fill out Form 4506 and check off box 8c – which asks for copies of all W-2s under his Social Security number.

The form has a place to list three years.

If you think it’s been going on longer than that, you can list more years – either make an extra copy of the form, or attach a sheet of paper with the list of years you need.
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Send in no money. The charge on the form is only if you need a copy of a filed tax return.
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When you get the copies, if you find W-2s that are not his, call IRS immediately and report it.

The less quiet way is to call IRS at 800-829-1040, in the first place,  and tell them what you suspect. They can pull up a copy of his W-2s on the system and start an investigation.

But, Carlos, you’re right to be concerned.

If this is happening, the guy probably isn’t even filing tax returns – and pretty soon, IRS will start looking for those returns.

Good to see you’re taking care of your dad.

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